Queen of Nothing

I barely remember how the hues of December
cast sepia waves through her hair. Those words
she first uttered: out here there be monsters,
seemed a plea, not a thing to beware.

A quick realisation: she sailed a maelstrom
mainlining a vein named despair. Lost
within dreams of heroine queens,
I drew heart-shaped clouds in thin air.

It felt like I’d woken when she said yes, you’re broken
but I’ll show you real broke, if you dare.
As our ship
ran aground, frayed dreams dragged us down;
to the depths of her fell monster’s lair.

Ryan Stone


30 thoughts on “Queen of Nothing

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    1. Hahaha, I know, right?!! 😊 It says in ‘About’ that he plays guitar as well. The list is neverending! 😊 So awesome and impressive! I think that secretly he is also a professional juggler and ski champion and gymnast and lion tamer and street magician and world class photographer and Michelin Star chef… 😊 ^_^ Hehehe…

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      1. Electric guitar, yes. Juggling, a little. Does snowboarding count? I once did a cartwheel, my dog is well-trained, I take a mean snap with my iPhone and make wicked ham, cheese & tomato toasties… Sorry to disappoint πŸ˜‰


    2. You girls are lovely but I’m afraid it’s computer painting only and I started with a photograph. I’d love to be able to paint like this with real paint and canvas. Thanks for your nice comments though πŸ™‚

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  1. So many great lines, such a cathartic write! “mainlining a vein named despair” – i could almost feel the sting of this one.. wish I could have written it!

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